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Thursday, 9th June 2016 we are fortunate to have Dawn Wade, Yoga instructor who will tell us of the benefits of Yoga and how it may help with tinnitus. It is well known that Yoga helps with general well being. She may even get you involved . . .


Thursday, 14th July 2016, before we break for August recess, Susan McCormack, Hearing Therapist from Portsmouth will return for her third visit to give us the results of her tinnitus research. She is using the Emotional Processing Scale to measure tinnitus distress. Susan told us about her research proposal at December and January meetings. Some members are taking part and we are looking forward to hearing about her findings.

Thursday, 8th September 2016 we will welcome our old friend Jan Cox who will remind you of the benefits of Bowen Technique and how it may be helpful in dealing with tinnitus. She has helped many members, so if you are not one of them, come along and find out more.


Thursday, 13th October 2016 is when we will have our Annual Review and plan for 2017. Afterwards by popular request we will have a Jan session! Back to Basics of the Ear, how we hear, understanding audios, speech in background noise - hearing therapy in other words.


Thursday, 10th November 2016 Jan again a qualified teacher of Lipreading to adults will introduce Lipreading. Please remember to bring your reading spectacles and a pen and paper. If it goes well we may run a short course to understand more about acquiring this very useful skill.


Thursday, 8th December 2016 Penny Stannard, Hearing Therapist and our vital link with RSH, Southampton will update us on what she is doing these days, both for the NHS and in her private practice. As usual at our Christmas meeting there will be some festive goodies to aid hearing loss and tinnitus which is available through her Department



Reviews of past meetings


May 2016


On Thursday,12th May we welcomed Debbie Sacree from the Hearing and Vision team at Hampshire Social Services. The group enjoyed her talk last year and she was invited to return by popular request. Debbie was accompanied by her trainee and they gave an interesting talk covering all the equipment they provide to help with hearing, although not specifically for tinnitus. Debbie drew members attention to our tinnitus equipment which is detailed in our booklet.They also discussed aspects of safety in the home when you have a hearing loss. It was an interesting meeting and members gave positive comments and feedback.


April 2016


Our meeting on Thursday, 14th April 2016 was a great success. Our speaker was Professor Peter Wheeler, Chair of BTA. Peter told us about his career in acoustics working on innovative projects, one of which featured on Tomorrow's World. We saw slides of notable people who have taken a keen interest in the ingenious ideas scientists explore. Many of these feature in everyday life now, which we take for granted. We learned about his scientific work at the Institute of Sound & Vibration Research, (ISVR) at Southampton University. The second part of Peter's talk was about the work of the British Tinnitus Association and the current tinnitus research projects being carried out by Researchers they support.

We welcomed six new people and as we are planning program for 2017, a bit ahead we know, we asked members what they would like at future meetings. Jan asked for ideas and Sue put on the flip chart.

This is what we came with:

* End meetings with 10 minute question and answer slot

* Reflexology

* Mindfulness. Explore holding 8 week course

* Hypnotherapy.

* Lip reading

* Back to Basics, more about the ear, how we hear, understanding audiograms, etc.

* Laughter Yoga Yoga.


March 2016


The meeting was taken by Keeley Salmon who runs KeytoHearing in Bournemouth who is well known to members. Go to our Information Book to find out more. Keeley told us about the latest technical developments in hearing and tinnitus aids and how they can help you deal with tinnitus. Her talk generated a lot of interest and questions. Also we welcomed three new people to the group. Jean, Sue and Mike asked members what they would like to see at future meetings and we hope to implement some of the suggestions in April


Feb 2016


February meeting was very well attended and Jean Wright inspired people to borrow our equipment to try their own homes to see how effective it could be in helping with tinnitus.

Mike Ludwig demonstrated his home loop and also a portable neck loop which is very useful when travelling or on holiday. Not many people with hearing aids were aware of these facilities and came away with a better understanding of what is possible.

Jan 2016


Susan McCormack returned to talk more about her tinnitus research project which she outlined at the December meeting. She has now got sufficent material for her study. Susan will return to the July meeting to tell us about her results. "Member Forum-sharing ideas that work." Sue Curtis organised a "Post-note" session where members were invited to write down things which had helped with their tinnitus. Over 40 were completed and a summary of the outcome will be put up on the website shortly. There was an excellent attendance at a very positive meeting. Thanks to everyone who is taking part.



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