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Lipreading Course update.


We regret there wasn't sufficient interest to run this course, but there may be an alternative. Contact Mike for details.

Jan Petty, Group Co ordinator and Hearing Therapist. email:


Thursday, 13th April. Tinnitus Therapy Review - let's go through the essentials you need to know and explore some new ideas too - Jan Petty.


Thursday, 11th May. "Shall we dance? How can that help with tinnitus?" Jan Cox will explain! Jan, Bowen Therapist, in her other role as a teacher of dance. It's always a very popular session.


Thursday, 8th June. Singing Bowls-Sound Massage - The Power of Vibration" With Cristiane and Victor Dalligna. 


Thursday, 13th July. Workshop afternoon with Jan Petty Do any of our "gizmos" really work? I'll explain the principles behind Sound Therapy. Learn why treating a sound with a sound can be effective with the correct fitting and training. Why not start your own personal Tinnitus Matters File? There will be handouts, so keep them together in a folder for future use. 

Thursday 10th August We plan a Tea for Tinnitus Party, probably in the garden of one of our members and last year it was a great success.


Thursday, 14th September. Relaxation and breathing techniques explored and demonstrated. Please bring a small cushion/pillow and mat/towel if you wish to lie down for the deep relaxation to close the meeting - Jan Petty


Thursday, 12th October. Surfing your Tinnitus - Malcolm Walker. Annual review plus general discussion to plan 2018 program. It will be our tenth Birthday. Can you guess how many different speakers and tinnitus related topics we have covered since 2008 - the answer may surprise you, it did me!


Thursday, 9th November. Revisiting Lipreading skills with Caroline Court. We hope she will be able to start classes at Lyndhurst and the group plan to support her.


Thursday, 14th December. Christmas 🎄 Tinnitus Tips and why it can be a challenge when you have tinnitus, when visiting family and friends. There will be a discussion about things which may help you prepare for the festive season. Bring along your own tips to share with others too.




Past meetings


March 2017


Thursday, 9th March. We had a very interesting talk by Alison Metcalfe "The Power of self-healing" and she gave an excellent presentation which was very thought provoking and made a lot of sense, putting life problems into perspective with having a positive mental attitude. Alison finished off with a few minutes of meditation. She also left a CD which Jean Wright suggested we include with the resources. Remember, we have a good selection of resources, from which you may take something on loan for one month. Items are charged currently at £2 per month



February 2017

Thursday, 9th February. Paul Hancocks, Hypnotherapist. This months meeting with Paul was excellent and we had very good feedback. He explained a lot about how the brain works and reacts, and how Hypnotherapy can help. We then did a " trance exercise".... he promised we wouldn't be clucking like chickens! The music he played was very soothing and he took us through relaxation steps. This was just an introduction but very thought provoking many of us ever actually relax fully? By Sue Curtis


January 2017

Thursday, 12th January, 2017. Laughter Therapy had been requested by several of the group, and I explained this rather quirky therapy. Lesley Lyle is going to provide some material we can use at future meetings or at smaller sub groups. Lesley runs free Sessions at Fenwick Wellbeing Centre, Pikes Hill, Lyndhurst on second Saturday of each month 10.30-11.30 and everyone is welcome to come along. I have attended four of these Laughter Club sessions, why not check them out for yourself?


December 2016


We had a great meeting in December with Penny Stannard, Hearing Therapist. Everyone enjoys seeing Penny and she was on fine form. Her explanation of analogue versus digital was particularly clear and easily understood. Penny tells me that she now has Thursday off from RSH, Southampton so will be able to come to more of the group meetings, which is good for the group. Our referral system to Hearing Therapy with Penny at RSH works well and referral form to take to your GP is always available at meetings. Penny has a very short waiting list, which is also excellent news.


Lipreading Course update.

We hope to run the 8 week course suggested by Caroline Court. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. Numbers will be limited. Costs, dates, venue available on request.



November 2016


Thursday, 10th November, what a great session we had on Lipreading with Caroline Court, an inspirational Lipreading Tutor. Everyone enjoyed it immensely and there was a good attendance. If we have sufficient interest Caroline will run an 8 week Lipreading course. More on this later.


There was a brief review of our finances by Mike and it was unanimously agreed to increase the entrance fee to £3.50 but waive the annual subs. for another year. It was still felt by all present to be good value for money as it includes refreshments and a prize draw. I added that we also learn something new at each meeting and have quality speakers, some of whom we have to reimburse.


The program is little changed from the November bulletin, but if this is your first, welcome to Buzz Word. I think you will see we have interesting and unusual sessions ahead but all geared to help you manage tinnitus. If you have recently developed tinnitus or have been living with it for some considerable time, there is much we can do to help you. Partners and friends are especially welcomed and professional help is easily accessed through attending a NFTG meeting. (See our flowchart on website)

Saturday, 12th November 10.30 - 11.30 free event at Fenwick, Pikes Hill, Lyndhurst. Laughter session run by Lesley Lyle. Seven of us attended via the NFTG which made it a very large group. I'll tell you more at 12th January meeting about this slightly weird Therapy - but just must say here that it certainly works once you get into the spirit of it!


October 2016


Thursday, 13th October is usually when we hold our Annual Review but as Jan and Mike were away, it was rescheduled to follow the November meeting. Two new members took equipment for a month trial through our loan scheme. Remember, this is something you could try to see if it's of benefit. We have a wide range of items you can take for one month for nominal fee. Cristiane d'Aligna who is booked for April explained therapy she can offer and demonstrated on two people. Everyone enjoyed Cristiane's session very much. As always there was time to talk to others over cup of tea in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


September 2016


Thursday, 22nd September BTA Conference in Manchester. I attended again this year (sponsored from New Forest Tinnitus Group funds) and will report back Key Points when transcripts are studied. I've only just received them and unfortunately no slides accompanied the lectures so there are many gaps to try to fill. I'll pick out the most relevant bits and share with you over the coming months via Buzz Word.


Thursday, 8th September at the Tinnitus Group, we enjoyed a talk and demonstration with our old friend Jan Cox explaining Bowen Technique once again. As some of you will know Jan has helped many of our members and their partners over the years. Jan runs "top up" sessions too, often at the Library adjoining the Lyndhurst Community Centre, with great effect. Contact Jan if you would like to know more on 07966 514508


August Tea Party 2016


New Forest Tinnitus Group doesn't usually meet in August. We normally leave Lyndhurst to the holidaymakers who come to the Forest during the busiest month of the year. This year however, we put out a request for anyone associated with the group to host a Garden Party. Mike our Treasurer and his wife Brenda offered their lovely garden and 14 people attended a relaxed and happy afternoon. Linda and Tony who live in London dropped in as they were on holiday in the Forest and it was great to meet up with them again. You will soon be able to read Linda's story in our revised booklet.

I organised a tinnitus quiz and our photographer, John Wright who took this group photo buzzed his way effortlessly to winning first prize. Although John is not amongst the "one in ten" his excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the ear plus Harry Potter books stood him in good stead.

If you are reading this would you like to have a go an abridged version of the quiz? and would you like to get a copy of our monthly bulletin Buzz Word?

If so drop me a line and I will be in touch with details.


July 2016


Thursday, 14th July 2016. Jan Petty took the meeting and explained the process of seeking help and treatment at the onset of tinnitus. There were 20 people present, four of whom were new to the group. Jan went through our flowchart and the two options when audiological assessment has been completed. See our Flowchart at "How to get help" website page. The two options after audiological assessment were discussed and benefits of hearing aids, tinnitus retrainers and combination units were compared.

Jan also explained our NHS Referral system. We can provide the form for GPs to send to Hearing Therapy Department at RSH, Southampton. Several copies were handed out later at the meeting. Members were invited to suggest ideas for future meetings. The program for 2017 will include some interesting and unusual topics - all therapies which can help with managing tinnitus of course!

June 2016


On Thursday, 9th June we welcomed Dawn Wade a highly qualified Yoga Instructor who works around the New Forest area with a wide range of groups.

Dawn gave us a superb explanation of Yoga and the vital breathing techniques which are essential when practising Yoga. We welcomed some new people to the group and it was a very successful afternoon. Several present were coping with injuries, but Dawn made us all realise that you can do yoga moves on different levels. She works with both very fit and active people (power yoga) as well as helping some with severe mental and mobility issues like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. For those amongst you that couldn't attend she instilled a confidence and belief in us all, that everything is possible.Probably one of the most inspirational people we have invited in the eight years we have been established. The tea break was postponed till later, (unheard of) as we were all so interested and involved.


May 2016


On Thursday,12th May we welcomed Debbie Sacree from the Hearing and Vision team at Hampshire Social Services. The group enjoyed her talk last year and she was invited to return by popular request. Debbie was accompanied by her trainee and they gave an interesting talk covering all the equipment they provide to help with hearing, although not specifically for tinnitus. Debbie drew members attention to our tinnitus equipment which is detailed in our booklet.They also discussed aspects of safety in the home when you have a hearing loss. It was an interesting meeting and members gave positive comments and feedback.


April 2016



Our meeting on Thursday, 14th April 2016 was a great success. Our speaker was Professor Peter Wheeler, Chair of BTA. Peter told us about his career in acoustics working on innovative projects, one of which featured on Tomorrow's World. We saw slides of notable people who have taken a keen interest in the ingenious ideas scientists explore. Many of these feature in everyday life now, which we take for granted. We learned about his scientific work at the Institute of Sound & Vibration Research, (ISVR) at Southampton University. The second part of Peter's talk was about the work of the British Tinnitus Association and the current tinnitus research projects being carried out by Researchers they support.

We welcomed six new people and as we are planning program for 2017, a bit ahead we know, we asked members what they would like at future meetings. Jan asked for ideas and Sue put on the flip chart.

This is what we came with:

* End meetings with 10 minute question and answer slot

* Reflexology

* Mindfulness. Explore holding 8 week course

* Hypnotherapy.

* Lip reading

* Back to Basics, more about the ear, how we hear, understanding audiograms, etc.

* Laughter Yoga Yoga.


March 2016


The meeting was taken by Keeley Salmon who runs KeytoHearing in Bournemouth who is well known to members. Go to our Information Book to find out more. Keeley told us about the latest technical developments in hearing and tinnitus aids and how they can help you deal with tinnitus. Her talk generated a lot of interest and questions. Also we welcomed three new people to the group. Jean, Sue and Mike asked members what they would like to see at future meetings and we hope to implement some of the suggestions in April


Feb 2016


February meeting was very well attended and Jean Wright inspired people to borrow our equipment to try their own homes to see how effective it could be in helping with tinnitus.

Mike Ludwig demonstrated his home loop and also a portable neck loop which is very useful when travelling or on holiday. Not many people with hearing aids were aware of these facilities and came away with a better understanding of what is possible.

Jan 2016


Susan McCormack returned to talk more about her tinnitus research project which she outlined at the December meeting. She has now got sufficent material for her study. Susan will return to the July meeting to tell us about her results. "Member Forum-sharing ideas that work." Sue Curtis organised a "Post-note" session where members were invited to write down things which had helped with their tinnitus. Over 40 were completed and a summary of the outcome will be put up on the website shortly. There was an excellent attendance at a very positive meeting. Thanks to everyone who is taking part.


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